Corporate Sales & Divestitures

Maximize value at closing. Maximize the likelihood of closing.

Achieving those outcomes in a corporate sale takes clarity, planning and skilled execution.

MAST Advisors helps you clearly define and articulate the value of your company.  

Providing the market with clear and reliable information allows potential investors to understand the value of your company to THEM, allowing THEM to put forward offers that will withstand the scrutiny of THEIR investment due diligence. They can be confident that they are closing the transaction at the optimal price.

MAST Advisors’ experienced transaction professionals customize each corporate sale and divestiture engagement to address the specific strengths and nuances of business.

At MAST Advisors, we maximize both value and the likelihood of closing by:

  • Developing retrospective and prospective strategic planning documentation
  • Managing pre-transaction due diligence
  • Identifying potential strategic and financial buyers
  • Preparing a selling memorandum that clearly articulates your value proposition
  • Aggressively marketing the transaction opportunity to all appropriate investors
  • Managing the buyer review process
  • Structuring and negotiating the transaction to achieve your specific goals
  • Assist in managing the pre-closing due diligence process