Capital Raising

Maximizing the value of your business often requires capital to fund:

  • Your company’s growth plan
  • Strategic acquisitions
  • Dividends to balance net worth between the company and personal holdings
  • Shareholder buy-outs
  • Generational ownership transitions
  • Management buy-ins

MAST Advisors, through our alliance with SPP Capital Partners, works with clients to secure financing in the private capital markets. We address your needs with institutional lenders and investors that are increasingly “enterprise” vs. asset-based in their investment analyses.

“Adjusted EBITDA”, cash flow available for debt service, and getting comfortable with the quality and consistency of a company’s earnings are more important than the value of hard assets in a liquidation scenario.

This approach often provides significantly greater amounts of capital than can be provided by traditional commercial banks with asset-based lending limits.

MAST helps clients obtain financing to fund growth, liquidity events, and acquisitions. With SPP Capital Partners having completed nearly 600 transactions that raised over $26 billion in debt and equity, MAST provides market-leading capabilities to help companies and their owners maximize value.

To learn more about how MAST Advisors can help maximize the value of your business through its capital-raising services, contact Mark Taffet at

MAST Advisors helps clients obtain financing to fund growth, liquidity events and acquisitions.