Strategic Acquisitions

Acquiring or merging with another company can create enormous value and be a critical tactic enabling strategic growth. An acquisition or merger can also result in loss of value or even complete “enterprise failure”.

Success or failure in acquisitions and mergers depends on a clear understanding of the goal the transaction will help you achieve, thorough planning and detailed execution. It means recognizing and mitigating risks and identifying and realizing synergies.

Optimizing the value of a strategic acquisition takes a team with the skills and experience to initiate and manage the transaction process, and then plan and integrate the target business. MAST Advisors’ experienced team of transaction professionals provides you with a complete range of services to create successful M&A transactions.

MAST Advisors provides assistance with: 

  • Defining the goal you wish to achieve
  • Defining transaction criteria
  • Target identification
  • Transaction initiation
  • Valuation
  • Negotiations and structuring
  • Transaction financing
  • Managing the due diligence process
  • Post-acquisition integration planning