Strategic Planning

Whether you are seeking corporate growth or liquidity through a full or partial sale or dividend recapitalization, there is enormous value in understanding how your company got to where it is, what it will take to continue on its path, or why a potential investor should have confidence in the continuity of those trends.

A focused strategic plan clearly defines the goals you wish to achieve, the strategies to achieve them and the tactics to be used to implement your strategies. Your team will understand their roles, what will be done and who will do it. Benchmarks for progress and success are defined with clear accountability.

A strategic operating plan should be flexible and meet changing realities.

Critically, it should realistically reflect your company’s operational and capital resources and how they will be allocated to maximize return on investment (“ROI”).

MAST Advisors will assist your executive team in the development of a focused strategic plan that will maximize the value of your company. Our process allows you to prioritize goals and create effective strategies to achieve them. Tactics are developed that recognize operational strengths and weaknesses and funding capacity. Plans can be brought to budget level, with benchmarks to map progress, creating a discipline of critical review and the ability to pivot to maximize gains and minimize risks.

We will take steps to:

  • Understand and articulate your goal(s)
  • Create a series of strategic steps to achieve your goals
  • Develop actionable tactical steps to implement your strategies
  • Create a financial model to ensure the plan can be funded
  • Create a budget against which progress can be benchmarked and accountability enforced